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What is Javascript (JS)?

Javascript is a highly robust client-side scripting language. Javascript development allows you to create highly dynamic and responsive websites that look identical to your typical desktop apps in terms of speed and loading time. It is possible to display special offers, get variable texts, analyze data, create cookies and identify a user’s respective browser on the web pages, with the help of JS. Almost all web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, etc support Javascript.

 Javascript for Business Applications

  • As Javascript is an interpreted language, it takes less time for the compilation of the program. In addition, Javascript is written on the client-side, hence it is fast and doesn’t need the support of web servers for execution. There is less load on the server which makes smooth validation process of the user’s input.
  • Javascript doesn’t require code compilation and very easy to test & debug.
  • Javascript is highly compatible with other programming languages and offers a variety of applications. It can be integrated into any web page irrespective of the file extension.

Where can we implement Javascript?

Javascript is a language primarily designed for the front end development. It does improve the website in an interactive manner, but along with website advancements Javascript can be implemented in the following:

Web Development: Javascript is a client scripting language used for creating web pages. It offers quality performance, special effects, and validation on web pages. It supports external apps like widgets, PDF docs, flash apps, etc.

Presentations: Javascript allows various transition effects, themes, slide backgrounds, and CSS color formats. These presentations are highly responsive to mobile devices and tablets. Reveal.JS and Bespoke.JS libraries are some of the examples of presentations used to create the web-based slide deck.

Web Servers: A number of servers can be created using Node.JS. These servers are fast, don’t require buffering and transfers a large amount of data.

Smartwatch Apps: JavaScript offers a library named “Pebble JS” that creates smartwatch applications. Pebble allows the developers to design an app for the Pebble watches as well in Javascript.